14 May 2012

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12 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Area Rugs

Area rugs can serve many purposes in your home.  They can warm up the space, decrease thelong pile brown area rug noise level, and make an eye catching statement.  What is your reason for adding area rugs to your home?  Listed below are 12 tips for decorating your home with area rugs. Make sure that you are making the right decisions when adding a rug to the different areas of your home.

  • Large, open spaces need large area rugs.  If there were ever a mistake to be made in home décor, it is investing in a rug that is too small for your space. How do you know if it is too small?  A rug is too small if it doesn’t touch any corner of your furniture.  Be sure that if you have a large space, you have a rug large enough to make it feel warm and comfortable.

  • A busy rug can make the space look overly busy. When choosing a rug, think of your existing home décor. If you already have busy patterns in your curtains or furniture fabrics, you don’t want to choose a rug that will make the space appear busier.
  • Solid colored rugs work great with bold wall colors.  Solid colored rugs can work in almost any space.  If you have bold wall colors or too many patterns within your furniture, then you best choice will be to go with a solid colored rug.
  • When using rugs in the kitchen and bathroom, be sure that they are mold resistant. Rugs will work in any room in your home if you ensure that you the rugs are made for the space.  Rugs that go in the bathroom should be mold resistant.
  • Rugs are a great way to spice up kid’s rooms.  Be sure that you add rugs to your kid’s rooms too! Whether you want to choose a solid colored rug or one that represents the theme of their room, a rug can quickly warm up the space for your child.
  • No slip rugs are safer and will stay in place.  Some rugs come with backing that ensures it won’t slip and slide on the floor. If not, be sure to take precautionary measures to make sure that your rugs don’t slip and slide.
  • Hallways are the perfect place to make an impression with a rug. Rugs in the hallway will help liven up a space that isn’t used often. Choose to go with a patterned rug in this space because it won’t have to compete with existing fabrics.
  • Floating rugs should be against the law! Regardless of where the rug will be, make sure it is not a floating rug.  Place rugs under or near furniture so that the rug does not get lost in the room.
  • In areas that echo, choose to add an area rug. Area rugs are great for absorbing sound in a home that has an open floor plan.  Larger rugs usually work better in these spaces.
  • If you choose a print, choose one that matches the décor that you already have. When choosing a large printed rug, be sure that you pull the colors from the home décor that you already have.  You don’t have your rug to stand out.
  • Never use two large rugs in one space. More than one rug or rug print in a space may make the room see smaller and closed in.
  • Choose a classic style that you can keep forever. Avoid buying trendy rugs that will go out of style quickly.  Once the rug goes out of style you will find yourself back where you started.  A classic rug will go with almost any décor and add warmth and beauty to your home for years and years to come.

Adding area rugs to your home is a great way to add warmth, comfort, and style to any space. When decorating your home with area rugs, use the tips listed above to help.  Look at the rug as an investment that you will keep for many years to come.  It’s okay to be choosy! Choose a rug that suits both you and your home.

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