21 Oct 2011

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8 Reasons to Choose a Kit Home

Kit homes xmake a great alternative to building a conventional home.  They are fantastic for the owner builder who wants to save a lot of money.  There are many kit homes in Victoria being built by people who need a bigger home for an expanding family, wanting to down size for retirement or are building their dream holiday home.

Cost Effective

Build your own house kitKit homes are a cheap alternative when it comes to building a home.  All the sections needed for your kit home are delivered to your property ready to be assembled and this method of supply helps the companies keep their costs down, which makes it cheaper for the owner.  You can also easily build your kit home yourself which removes the need for an expensive builder.

  • You will be able to choose from different options with your kit home, such as whether you receive the kit to lock up stage or if it includes a kitchen for example.
  • You can control the cost by what you choose.
  • You can also control the cost by building to lock up then picking whatever fixtures and fittings you like within your budget.

Easy to Build

Your kit home will come with comprehensive instructions that are easy to follow that will allow you to build your home yourself.  If you have any trouble you can simply contact the kit home company and they will be able to offer you assistance.  If you really get stuck you can hire a builder.

Steel Frames

You can also choose a steel frame kit home which has many benefits.  A steel frame is strong but lightweight and it is easy to construct.  A steel frame is also termite and pest proof and will withstand a bushfire a lot better than a timber frame home.

Owner Builder

If you enjoy a challenge or want to have a project to handle with your partner building a kit home is a great thing to do together.

Plenty of Designs

There are many great designs of kit homes available to suit all different tastes, lifestyles and locations.  There are designs perfect for a rural retreat or a beach home and even smaller kit homes that are great to use as granny flats, home offices or teenager’s retreats.  There are kit homes available in period styles or choose something with a modern twist.

Fast to Build

Once you order your kit home some companies can get them to you in as little as a few weeks and then it is possible to build them in only eight weeks.

Perfect Holiday Homes

A kit home makes a perfect holiday house because they are cheap to build and there are plenty of designs to suit a weekender or holiday retreat.  You might choose to go for a home that is a bit smaller if you only plan on using it occasionally or you might want one with a few more bedrooms if you plan on having guests often.  You could also choose a design that has a great entertainment area, such as one with large verandas.

Personal Touch

Once you build your home to the plans up to lock up stage you can then add plenty of your personal touch to your home.  You can paint or wallpaper any colour you like, fit out your bathrooms and kitchen to your own design and have your own choice of flooring, light fittings, heating and furnish it just the way you want it.


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