31 Mar 2014

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A Country-Style Manor – Oasis from a Hectic World

country-homeMany people long for a private country house where they can escape from the rest of the world – but how many are living the dream? It’s not impossible, even with today’s real-estate prices rising at an ever-increasing rate …

Many potential home-owners choose country-style homes as a way of escaping the overwhelming, tiresome hustle and bustle of urban life. What better way to conjure a tranquil and restful environment in which to relax than by owning your own country-style manor house?

Live the Dream in a Country-Style Manor

It’s a dream that many house-buyers share, particularly as they mature and come to savor the quieter aspects of living. Country properties are often surrounded by plenty of wide open spaces, a real contrast to the closeness and crowded nature of cities and towns.

If you’re interested in the architectural past, appreciate traditional craftsmanship, or want to combine the grandeur and classic style of older buildings with the comfort and functionality of a new house, you might consider purchasing a country house built in the style of a traditional manor.

Your house may be situated far from the urban environment, or close to it; but by customizing the design for your needs you can create a home which offers peace and comfort. What’s more, such a project need not break the bank – it’s possible to create a beautiful country-manor-style home without paying a fortune.

Exterior Decor

Country-Style Manor DoorThe house’s exterior is the first thing that you and your visitors will see, so it is important that it gives an impression of the house you want to create. Traditional country houses often have larger windows, deep roofs and are manufactured from traditional materials such as brick or stone.

Manufactured homes have become increasingly popular in recent times because of their versatility and flexibility, and the low build cost, which means that your money goes further in creating your dream home. You can now purchase manufactured homes in almost any style imaginable, so you can find a house which matches the home you’ve always wanted to live in.

Interior Design

Inside your country house, the choices available to you for your interior design are almost unlimited. In keeping with the aesthetic of your country manor, you may choose a country style which combines traditional, vintage, floral and neutral looks to create something which is personal to you.

Large French-Style Wall MirrorWhile many country house owners choose a traditional style for the kitchen, there are no hard and fast rules for how to decorate your interiors – you are free to create a French rustic-style gite, a cozy New England homestead, a Mediterranean villa or a simple farmhouse-style conversion. If you intend to make the kitchen the heart of your home, you might select warm and earthy tones such as umber and terracotta, with accents of dark blue or green.

Many country manor owners choose neutral shades for the bathroom and make the most of the natural light to create a light, airy, clean-feeling space. The neutrals are easy on the eyes, and when combined with vintage or antique furniture you can create a bathroom which is practical, durable and has an authentically rustic feel.

Discover the Secret of Country-Style Living

Whatever, your personal taste, there’s no doubt that owning a property with the freedom that comes with country living is one of the greatest experiences going. Explore the ideas throughout this site to put your own stamp on your country-style house.

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