3 Jun 2011

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Benefits of Unfinished Oak Flooring

Unfinished oak flooringOak is a popular hardwood flooring installed in houses. You have the choice to purchase it unfinished or pre-finished. Between the two pre-finished is more popularly purchased due to the fact that it is handier to install since you don’t need to worry about finishing it.

However, choosing to buy unfinished oak flooring has its benefits that you might find suitable for your flooring needs.

Unfinished oak flooring does not have abevel or microbevel, instead the edges are square so when installed the plank tightly fits next to one another. If the planks do not have gaps there would be no possibility that it can trap dirt or moisture. After finishing the tightly installed flooring it would also create a water tight seal which is a plus because it can resist damage from water or moisture. Oak is naturally durable and the additional protection will only lengthen the life of your flooring.
Unfinished oak wood plank can be finished after installation which means you can be more carefree when installing it because if you accidentally scratch the wood plank it can simply be removed through sanding and finishing.
Another benefit of unfinished oak flooring is you have the freedom to customize your finishing. There may be lots of prefinished wood plank to choose from but in unfinished wood plank you have total control of how your floor looks. Whatever stains or clear finishing you like you can apply it to the wood flooring. You can even control on how glossy you want your floor would look.
Knowing the advantages of unfinished oak flooring gives you a new perspective when it comes to purchasing either unfinished or prefinished flooring. You also need to keep in mind that after installing either of the oak wood planks you need to take proper good care of your flooring if you want it to last for a long time. Taking good care of your flooring would also help you maintain the stunning look of oak wood flooring.

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