Bungalow Renovation

Many people move to bungalows in their middle years, perhaps anticipating the time in old age when they will no longer be able to climb the stairs.

A great number of people find a bungalow in a good location, but it needs modernizing, badly. This may be because it was owned by someone who was no longer able to carry out routine maintenance, or someone who could not afford/had no desire to renovate the bungalow.

Bungalow renovations give you a totally clean slate to work with. Any room’s use can be changed, with a bit of plumbing and electrical work, but you’ll have these tradesmen in anyway. Approach the renovation of your bungalow like this and you will be happier with the result.

Rerouting central heating and water pipes is easy in a bungalow, because they can be run through the loft space without having to take up floors in upstairs bedrooms. Similarly, electrical wiring is much easier and there is less need to cut channels in solid walls.

Spend a lot of time designing your bungalow renovation from scratch. Ask yourself questions:

  • Which rooms are you likely to spend most time in?
  • Should those commonly used rooms be at the front or the back?
  • Where do you want your bedroom?
  • Do you need an en-suite bathroom?
  • Where do you want the family bathroom to be?
  • Do you want a large kitchen?
  • Do you want to extend upwards into the loft space?
  • Could you really use more rooms downstairs?
  • Where will any downstairs extension go?
  • What about a conservatory?
  • Do you really need a garage?
  • What about extra sockets?
  • Do you want a sink in each bedroom?
  • Can you put in a new chimney?
  • Can you install a wood pellet fired boiler?
  • What about cavity insulation?

The list goes on and on. Add your own questions to those above. Don’t worry about answers at this stage, just concentrate on the questions.

Visit a few show houses to get ideas, include both bungalow and traditional houses. Look for disadvantages to each layout you visit, so you can modify your own ideas accordingly. This will give you ideas, especially for bathroom renovation and a kitchen makeover.

Any bungalow renovation project that includes an extension or roof alterations will require an architect. Your architect will advise you about planning permission and the probable costs of different options.

Give your architect an idea of your budget and discuss any ideas that you have. Let him or her go away and come back with proposals that will meet your needs.

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