12 Jan 2012

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Considering The Benefits Of Self Storage During A Home Move

Buying a new house or flat is one of the most exciting times in our lives.  The venture represents a new start and is especially important if it the first home purchased with a partner.

DIY self storageHowever, those that have undertaken a property move will recognise that it is also one of the most stressful tasks that we are ever likely to undertake as we wait for the deal to go through, which can be further complicated when in a buying chain.

Even when the deal is completed there is no opportunity to relax as you begin the logistical nightmare of the physical move.  The use of self storage on a temporary basis is an option that could help many buyers during a home move.  Here we look at the different situations where this could apply.

Waiting on a property

In order to get the right price for their property, many sellers are forced to move out of their old house before the one which they are hoping to purchase is available.  In order to get through the period whilst their new home becomes available they will usually move in with family, or possibly friends.

Whilst there might be enough room so squeeze in a few bodies short-term; making enough room for furniture isn’t usually possible.  By placing these items in self storage homeowners are able to ensure their safety for as long as is required.

Moving long distances

Whilst any home move is a daunting task; one that involves relocating a long way from your old property is especially problematic.  In order to minimise the number of trips you have to take between houses it is essential to be organised.  Unfortunately, moving all of your belongings at the same time will result in cluttering in your new home.

When this happens it can become difficult to find items and arrange your home into a state that you are happy with.  It can be wiser to move some items into a nearby self storage facility prior to moving day; allowing you some breathing space to organise your new home in an efficient manner.

Decoration and renovation

When moving into a new property you have the ideal opportunity to do any intended decoration or renovation.  Obviously the property is devoid of all furniture, which makes working on the property much easier.  Where furniture is present in the house there is the chance that some paint could be spilled on them or wallpaper won’t be put up quite as accurately.

More serious renovation work can also result in items becoming dusty as walls are knocked through and doorways added.  It makes much more sense to have some or all of your furniture items out of the way in self storage.

If you are paying for professionals to decorate or renovate your home then it could even be that the storage option pays for itself, as they are likely to be able to complete their work quicker and more cheaply.

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