28 Jun 2012

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Creating The French Countryside In A Bedroom

You can add a French flair to your bedroom without spending a lot of money and the look is easy to change in the future. Draw inspiration from several themes and colors to create an invited, calm bedroom designed with your needs in mind.

Wall Decor

Wall decor is very important when recreating a French room. Large, ornate frames are very large bedroom mirrorpopular. They can be used with art, prints, pictures or hung without glass and used merely as decoration.
Decorative mirrors are also popular choices, and they can help the room appear larger if you have a small bedroom. Decorate with French antiques, old post cards and art prints for a unique look in your new room.


The first step in creating your new room is choosing a paint color. You may want to select your bedding first and use that for inspiration for your paint color. You can paint first, but it will be harder to find accessories and fabric to match. Common French inspired colors are cornflower azure, terra-cotta and mustard. Accent with dark red, white or cream on trim or accessories.
Stenciling is popular in the French theme, and it is inexpensive. You can choose a stencil of flowers or birdhouses to accent the room or accessories. Use shades of red and gold to keep the room friendly and warm.


French fabrics are inviting and welcome. Look for fleur-de-lis, toile and damask in your main and accent colors. Use a lot of pillows to make the room comfortable. Your linens and fabrics should make the room look peaceful and cozy.
Silk window treatments help the room look pulled together. You can also look for cotton in a French-inspired fabric like toile or damask. Fabric with scenes of people, animals and plants are very popular in a French-inspired room.


French furniture is typically made of cherry and often painted. Rustic furniture will add charm to your room. Use sandpaper to distress furniture to match your room. Paint wood cream or blue to fit with your theme. The color of your furniture should match your pillows, bedding and drapes.
Wrought iron is very popular in the French room. Look for a wrought iron headboard with a floral pattern. You can also use wrought iron on your walls. Look for wrought iron French antiques to decorate the walls and use as accent pieces.

bedroom chandelierLights

For overhead lighting, nothing is more French than a chandelier. They are classic French pieces and can be found in many colors. You can also paint it to match the colors in your room. Look for table lamps made of wood or metal and paint to match your room.


Flowers are very popular in French bedrooms. Look for jasmine and white, yellow or red sunflowers. Flowers are feminine and and evokes a calming sensation perfect for the bedroom. Accent with ferns around the room on furniture, wall pieces or potted plants on the floor.
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