28 Aug 2012

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Find the Right Home Lighting Inspiration

Black Pendant LightIf you’re looking for home lighting inspiration, there are plenty of resources to pick from. In fact, sometimes there are too many, which is why it helps to have a few tried and trusted sources of lighting information and advice to turn to when doing up your home.

Publications and magazines

Home magazines are a useful source of ideas, best practice advice, expert tutorials and peeks onto other people’s houses to see how they’ve decorated their home. These are great if you need new ideas and are keen to update your house with home fashions. Some magazines like Elle Décor and Period Living focus on the higher end of the interior décor range and others, such as Good Homes and House Beautiful, are more accessible for those on a limited budget. There are also special titles such as Country Living, which focus on a particular niche area and are great if you’re looking to create a defined look in your home.

Other homes

Friends and other people’s houses can also be a great source of ideas, particularly if they’ve tried something you like. In fact, once you start looking, you’ll find inspiration everywhere. For example, the author only became aware of black lampshades and the incredible sense of dusky drama they create after seeing a black arrangement within a boutique hotel; an instant way to change the entire look and feel of a room, simply by darkening a lampshade to create a more intimate and moody feel. This is a great example showing how easy it is to change the look of your home simply by updating your home lighting.

For example, instead of an old-fashioned plastic or fabric lampshade in the hallway, why not upgrade to one of the gypsy-themed glass chandeliers, which provide a bright flash of colour and energy into the room and offer a real focal point for visitors? Or instead of a basic side lamp in the living room, why not use a modern Director’s lamp for a quirky finish, or a large floor lamp with an angled head for reading and light-spotting? In the kitchen, you could use lighting under units; tracker lights to illuminate the floor and provide soft pools of light, rather than the ultra-bright spots of ceiling halogen lamps.

Stores and retailers

Don’t forget online stores and your local DIY centre or specialist home lighting shop for ideas, promotions and advice. Any retailer with a customer service function is a huge bonus, as you can ask for advice and assistance when creating your home lighting scheme; not just on aesthetics, but also on electrical requirements, installation and energy efficiency. The latter is becoming a driving consideration for many purchasers, who are keen to reduce both their carbon footprint and their electricity bill.

So start to look for ideas for your home lighting; tear out magazine photos, take pictures of things you see, draw up ideas and try creating a sketchbook of inspiration, whether on paper or using one of the newer software packages online. You’ll rapidly start to create a look that works for you and updates the entire look and feel of your home.

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