6 Feb 2012

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Non-Slip Stair Treads

Accidents can take place anywhere and anytime, be it in your homes or public places like restaurants, shopping malls or hospitals where people can slip and fall from the slippery stairs. Staircases turn really dangerous when they are slithery and wet. With the installation of anti slip stair treads, fatal mishaps can be prevented in your homes and or place of business.

stairs optical illusionNon slip stair treads are available in different types and forms. Some of them are suitable for building sites while the rest can be seen in commercial stores and public buildings. Today, homeowners are also considering the use of anti slip stair treads in their home interiors to ensure safe and carefree movement.

Anti slip stair treads are easy to install with long lasting benefits. These are extremely beneficial when installed on outdoor steps, which are mostly exposed to rainfall and harsh sunrays. Having decided to install anti-slip stair treads, just take the measurement of your stairs counting the flights of steps to determine your requirement.

When it comes to improving your home stair safety, there are innumerable ways to it. One of the most obvious ways to turn your staircases into non slippery surfaces is by covering them entirely with carpet.

People who don’t want to cover their wood steps can certainly buy non slip stair treads.

These are designed aesthetically and are similar to the small braided rugs with a sticky backing that keeps them fixed to each step. You can even experiment with your home interiors by installing ‘glow in the dark’ anti slip stair treads that would on one hand ensure safety while add a special charm to your home décor.

The vinyl or rubber stair tread tapes are the common choices among all homeowners and can be used in almost any environment. These anti slip stair tread tapes stick to each of the steps while gripping the sole of the foot and shoe preventing slips and falls.

Rubber or vinyl stair treads can be installed everywhere, in homes and commercial entities. Some of these are even designed to give an appealing look to the interiors and are sometimes just used as decorative schemes.

Yet another anti-slip tread mechanism that is increasingly demanding attention, are the fiberglass stair coverings that give a brand new look to your existing staircase surfaces. Fiberglass stair coverings are suited to both indoor and outdoor staircases. Beautify your home outdoors:  terraces, garden steps and even walkways with these anti slip stair treads and gain great compliments from your visitors.

Non-slip stair tapes are also used for construction and industrial uses by incorporating special materials like abrasive granules on the surface of the tape to make them harder and rougher to slip on. Metal stairs are made non slippery by including diamond plates which are also one of the oldest varieties of industrial anti slip stairs.

A guest post by Mark Jaynor

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