10 Aug 2012

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Practical Choices For Bedroom Furniture

King Size Oak Bed

When decorating a bedroom, it can be all too easy to get carried away with ideals of what you’d like your bedroom to look like, without it being a real possibility in the space that you have.

For this reason, many people pick a bed that is too big, or wardrobes that are too imposing for the space they have available in their bedrooms. The end result is a perfectly adequately sized bedroom looking cramped because the furniture that has been chosen is simply too big for the room dimensions.

Measure Your Bedroom

The best way to avoid this is to start by taking full measurements of your bedroom. When you have done so, draw a plan of the room that is to scale and add in any obstacles that you can’t put furniture in front of, including doors, windows and radiators. Don’t forget to note down any parts of the ceiling that slope and whether you have any alcoves in the room.

Once you’ve got a plan to work from, you can then check dimensions of any furniture you are considering buying. There is a huge range of furniture available today; the choice can be pretty overwhelming. Most people start with the bed, as this usually dictates many of the other choices for bedroom furniture – once you choose the size of bed you want and decide where in the room you intend to position it, the space available for other bedroom furniture becomes clear.

Built-In Bedroom Furniture

Depending on the shape and size of your bedroom, you may opt for built-in furniture or free-standing pieces. Building your bedroom furniture around the contours of the room usually makes best use of awkwardly shaped areas, as you can use alcoves and other features to good effect. However, many people prefer the timeless look of separate pieces, and choose individual wardrobes, dressing tables and other furniture that matches their personal taste.

If your bedroom is on the small side, you may decide to go for fitted furniture, as this is a great way of making use of the space you have. To cover a whole wall in fitted bedroom furniture provides enough storage for all your clothes and other belongings, but looks neat and almost ‘invisible’, so giving the room a more open feel. Mirrored doors also add to the feeling of spaciousness.

Free-Standing Bedroom Furniture

Oak Chest of DrawersFree-standing furniture probably gives you the widest choice of materials, and if you know what kind of furniture you like this makes the choice a lot easier. For example, if you like oak bedroom furniture, you can limit your online searches to this. You may have a particular colour or finish in mind, in which case that will likely influence your choices. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as you may find combinations of materials and finishes that create an unexpectedly stylish effect.

Now that you have added your bed to your plan, you can start to position other pieces that you have identified, looking to make best use of your available space. It may feel like a hassle, but taking the time to plan out your bedroom on paper will avoid any costly mistakes that you will then be forced to live with.

Make good use of the Internet, as many retailers offer great online deals. For example, there is a huge choice of oak furniture for sale at www.furnishinghomes.co.uk, with a range of styles to suit all tastes from the very modern to the timeless classic pieces that everyone loves.

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