24 Apr 2012

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Quick Checksheet For Laying Laminate Flooring

Laying laminate flooring is a fairly demanding project, however, the whole project should be able to be done in less than a day (depending on room size). To make things easier, refer to the below checklist which should help guide you through the job.

Toolslaminate sheets

1. Masking Tape

2. Hammer

3. Mallet

4. Screwdrivers

5. Sealant Gun

6. Stanley Knife

7. Saw

8. Tape Measure

9. Spirit Level

10. Knee Pads

Most people find that it is useful to purchase a Laminate flooring kit which contains essentials such as spacers etc. You can get these from most hardware and DIYshops.

Step 1: Measuring up.

Determine the area of your room (multiply the length and width of the room). Work out how many packs of flooring you need allowing 10% for wastage.

Step 2: Preparing the sub floor.

Check the subfloor before beggining, it should be dry and level. Check that the floorboards are screwed down properly. Concrete floor must be completely dry before beginning. If laying on concrete, put down a damp-proof membrane before beginning.

Step 3: Underlay.

Choose an underlay, PolyFoam or Wood Fibre Boards are commonly used.

Step 4: Direction of Boards.

Lay your boards in the same direction as the longest straight wall.

Step 5: Final Preparation.

Remove skirting boards. Vacuum the floor to remove grit etc…

Step 6: Laying the flooring.

Begin from a corner, placing the first row of boards. At 60cm intervals, place plastic spacers between the wall and the boards. Join the ends of the boards using adhesive on top of the tongue locking mechanism. Begin the second row using the off-cut from the first. Repeat for the rest of the room, pushing each row together once completed. Connect the boards by tapping the edge block against the grooved side with a hammer or mallet.

Step 7: Going around pipe

Mark any pipes positions on the relevant board. Drill a hole slightly larger in breadth than the pipe it’s to go around, and mark two lines angled from the sides of the hole. Using a saw, cut down the lines and reserve the two pieces. Glue the two cut pieces and wedge them behind the pipe making sure there is a gap for expansion.

Step 8: Finishing Off

Remove the spacers. Fit the cork expansion strips. Refit the skirting boards. Cover doorways with metal or wooden thresholds.

There are also lots of videos and helpsheets for laying laminate flooring that  are available on the web that can help anyone from a novice to someone with floor laying experience. Just ensure that you take your time and think each step through before attempting.

Colin is writing on behalf of Floors-2-Go flooring specialists

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