12 Aug 2012

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Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Small Kitchen Remodeling

The trend toward huge open kitchens leading into a great room is popular for those fortunate enough to purchase suburban development properties. However, many families call a far more modest house or apartment home. Making the most of limited space without increasing square footage is a challenge for apartment and condominium dwellers. Those with single-family homes may find zoning ordinances or building expenses a hindrance.

Try small-kitchen remodeling to give your kitchen a spacious appearance and maximize the efficient use of space by focusing on four major areas: colour and decorating; storage; lighting; and appliances.

Colour and Decorating

A light colour scheme instantly opens up any room. Use light or white cabinetry, paint and floor covering. Monochromatic shades of a light colour give a flowing appearance, and pale colour combinations keep the room as light as possible. Include a few dramatic accents to add the wow factor. Keep the patterns in wallpaper, curtains and floor covering small, as oversize patterns make the room look smaller. Choose a light-toned floor covering – flooring makes a big impact in a small space, and dark wood or tile visually shrinks the room.

Tip: Flooring installed on the diagonal gives a larger appearance to the room.
Tip: If you are adding a backsplash, consider small glass tiles. The translucent glass reflects and enhances the lighting, and the small-scale size works well with a petite kitchen.


If you are replacing cabinets, consider extra-tall wall units that utilize the space between the standard cabinet height and the ceiling. This valuable space is great for items that are used infrequently like soup tureens and the Thanksgiving turkey platter. The area is also good storage for items purchased in bulk like paper towels. If you have a soffit, consider removing it to make space for the taller wall cabinets. Pull-out pantry units can fill in a small space and add a lot of storage. Units are 24-inches deep and widths start at six inches.

Tip: If you have an eat-in kitchen, replace chairs with benches that have built-in storage. They provide plenty of room for seldom-used items or bulk purchases.
Tip: Reduce clutter and pare down single-use small appliances that are seldom used to reclaim kitchen space.


Use under-cabinet lights to provide task lighting and add illumination to the room. You should position lighting to keep everything well lit. Deep shadowing not only makes it more difficult to work, but visually shrinks the space. If your remodeling includes structural work, enlarge existing window openings or add a skylight to maximize the natural lighting. Window coverings can block light, so keep curtains minimal.


Bigger is not always better. Consider smaller or apartment-sized versions of appliances. There are four-burner stoves as narrow as 20 inches available. Apartment refrigerators come in many sizes, but there are also counter-deep refrigerators to save that extra few inches of floor space. Slimline dishwashers come in 18-inch wide models, and a drawer dishwasher comes in single-drawer version that is 36-inches wide and only 19 inches tall.

Tip: Install an over-the-range microwave that includes a lighting and ventilation system.

There are many visual tricks and reasonably priced options to renovate and update your kitchen to make the most of the busiest room in the house. Prioritize everything in your kitchen. You may be amazed with the amount of extra things you don’t use and can eliminate to regain some extra space.

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